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Connecting young girls with their passion, power, and purpose

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Community Outreach

Girls Learning Our Worth (GLOW) stresses how essential it is for leaders to assess their community.  GLOW educates young girls on understanding how the needs and gaps guides community leaders to make effective decisions to support the surrounding area.


At Girls Learning Our Worth's GLOWING Retreat we strive to empower the lives of youth. Three interactive speakers are invited to provide workshops focusing on creative arts, hygiene, and self-esteem.   We are happy to be the driving force behind the development of the young ladies and hope to continue making a difference in their lives.

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GLOW Youth Summit 

Girls Learning Our Worth (GLOW) advocates for young girls to have autonomy to pick the workshops that interest them. GLOW is proud to host an all female youth summit that includes breakout sessions focusing on topics related to public health, education, entrepreneurship, creative arts, and health and wellness. Of course to top it off engaging vendors, good food and music are provided too!

Young GLOW Entrepreneur 

During the year Girls Learning Our Worth (GLOW) nominates a young girl efor staring her own business. The nominee holds the title for that quarter as Girls Learning Our Worth's, "Young GLOW Entrepreneur".  GLOW recognizes the young girl's on social media and promotes her business for a month (we're so proud we usually continue past a month). As a reward the Young GLOW Entrepreneur is gifted with a donation to invest back into her business as well as some other tools to help  stay organized and encouraged to build her brand.

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